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The Taller Sudoeste

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Most of the art work done in The Taller Sudoeste de Calabazas y Mobiles uses natural materials; Coyote Gourds, Mesquite Pods, branches and pieces of dry desert wood. Thus, the work schedule in the Taller is tied to the seasons of the year. In the Spring and Summer the effort is toward showing the work by visits to arts and crafts festivals. Autumn brings trips into the desert to harvest the material that nature has produced during the growing seasons. Much of the art work is created during the long nights and cold gray days of Winter with a Bach concerto, Miles Davis or Vivaldi, the snap of an open fireplace, and the sound of rain on the roof as a backdrop.


Mobiles are the Gypsies of Artistic expression.

They live intimately with the wind, and

To flash their gaudy brilliance will

Spin and twirl and dance and sway with the slightest hint of breeze. But just

Below the flash and twirl and spin is an exquisite fragile balance that

Is the soul of their sensitivity.

Gene McCoy

Desert Totems - Mobile with Coyote Gourds and desert wood.

Basket with Painted Coyote Gourds

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Guest Artists In the Taller Sudoeste

Eagle Owl - Watercolor on Sandstone


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Jean Merriam, "Poco"

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Art Van Rhyn

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