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Click to hear a voice reading of this introduction.

These pages contain voice readings of short bits and pieces of prose and poetry that I have written or collected over the years. The technical wizardry of voice readings may be of more interest and better quality than my literary efforts.

I have also included a few links to pieces written by Christine.

Click on the link above for a voice reading of this introduction. Then, click below on the individual links to the pages to read and hear the works. Some of the written material is fairly large, and may take a few minutes to download and start. No piece is over 900KB, and most is around 400KB. (Five to ten minutes download time.) Turn your speakers on since in addition to the voice reading each page has musical background. Enjoy, Gene.

Pensamientos de una mujer por un joven torero and Cancion Andina


Christine's Mothers Day Letter to Yvonne

Hear a voice reading of Christine's Father's Day Greeting, 2002

Christine's and Gene's greetings to Sean and Regina for their wedding

The Taller Sudoeste and Gourds and Mobils

Granpa McCoy Remembered

Gene McCoy January 2001

2001 Comments and Criticism Welcome